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    Owning a pet is about so much more than just sharing your home with an animal. It’s about friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and unconditional love. It’s about putting another creature’s needs before your own; opening your heart and baring your soul. It’s about communicating without words, but with a pat of the head, a scratch behind the ear, a wag of the tail or that deep, throaty purr. Colorado Springs and Briargate pet parents, what are you waiting for? Come on in today or give us a call to schedule your pet’s first appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

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    Five Ways to Tell if Your Cat is Sick

    Jul 15, 2014

    As many cat owners have probably noticed, our feline friends are quite good at masking their pain and discomfort. If you’d like an inside scoop when your cat isn’t feeling up to snuff, read on below as a Briargate vet … Read More »

    Safety Tips for July Fourth

    Jul 01, 2014

    The July Fourth holiday quickly approaches—is your dog or cat ready for the celebration? Use the following tips from a Colorado Springs veterinary professional to keep your four-legged companion safe and sound. Picnic and Party Tips Many of us are … Read More »

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